Friday, January 7, 2022

Free Fiction Friday: The Demons of Dukaris

Six adventure-seeking companions have been at sea for days. 

It began with the sort of rumors one heard while sipping ale in one of the smoky taverns tucked into the narrow streets of the city. There were whispered tales of an exotic city that lay at the tip of Umar on the Seventh Sea, strange stories of intrigues, wealth and indulgence, and dark magic. The more they learned the more the companions realized they had to see this place for themselves. With passage secured aboard the ship, they had set out.

Now, the city of Dukaris lies before them, but so do unnamed dangers. Only together will they live to tell the tale.

The Demons of Dukaris by author Shaun Kilgore is free on this website for one week only. The story is also available as an eBook through various online retailers here

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The free story will be available for one week only. If you missed this one, click on the links above. Here’s another free story lurking somewhere around the site. Track the story down, read, and enjoy!

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