Thursday, January 6, 2022

Rebuilding My Patreon Page

As a writer trying to make a living with his words, you end up trying a lot of different approaches. Freelancing, ghostwriting, and eventually indie publishing have been brought into the mix. I've published lots of books, story collections, and even have a monthly mini magazine called KILGORE'S FIVE STORIES to share my fiction with readers. One of the ones that many of you have gotten used to see every Friday for the last year, consistently, has been my feature called FREE FICTION FRIDAY. It's another venue for my work.

Probably means I have struggled the most with utilizing is my author page on Patreon, that crowdfunding platform for creatives. It's not been easy finding a good way to use it as an income stream to help support my artistic pursuits. I hope to start changing that. 

Recently, I've made some changes—sort of a soft reboot—of the Patreon page. I've adjusted the various tiers or levels of support and added more. It includes tiers for both Kilgore's Five Stories and Free Fiction Friday. You can even support both on another tier. Plus, signed copies of Kilgore's Five Stories are available too. There will be chances for other free eBooks for patrons. 

I'm pitching my Patreon to all of you who've come to enjoy my regular fiction and wouldn't mind reading more. Consider jumping aboard, gang. I'd appreciate that support of my creative endeavors more than I can say.

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