Simon Greenpants and the Wild Chase
Founders House Publishing, 2019

Ten-year old Simon loves stories of knights on heroic quests facing monsters and other dangers. He writes them and draws them…even during class. So when he faces down a pair of bullies in the school cafeteria, things don’t go according to plan and Simon learns that even heroes get after school detention. An encounter with a bully named Rick, send Simon racing into the woods. There he stumbles and falls into a dark hole in the ground and awakens in another world…a magical world called Avalantia. 

Now his stories aren’t just stories and Simon faces real dangers, but he does it with the help of new friends. Join Simon on his very first quest in a brand-new fantasy-adventure series from father and son writing team, Shaun and Matthew Kilgore.

Stormborn's Fate
Founders House Publishing, 2019

A dramatic fight with a sea serpent in a storm-tossed sea brings Brandin Stormborn, the captain of the Starlight, to the very edge of death. Too close for Herathos, the lord of Amear, the realm of the dead, to sit idly by and let the half-god cheat death.

In this rousing adventure Stormborn comes face to face with his own fate as he journeys to the underworld to fight for his very life. Meanwhile members of his faithful crew set out to face a pair of sorcerers in a quest to rescue a young man from their clutches. Will Stormborn return in time to help them? What will be Stormborn's Fate?

The Grim

Founders House Publishing 2017

Reeling from a terrible tragedy, young Rion Evonrule is thrust out of his familiar world and sets out on a desperate quest to deliver crucial news about a terrible blight that is spreading across the the land--a dark living plague that steals the souls of mankind and enslaves them to its inhuman will. The Grim. A power mage may hold the answer. Rion is the messenger.

Killer Of Dragons 
Founders House Publishing, 2015

Aryon Grayse was a dreamer, always thinking of faraway places and adventures. While wandering a lonely stretch of beach, he sees something gleaming from the top of a mount of black stone. A silver rod aglow with a mystical light draws him in. He touches it and all goes dark. When he awakens, he finds the mountain has vanished. Aryon rushes home, but it is too late. His home is destroyed and his family dead. Coming to believe that his strange encounter on the beach was the cause, Aryon leaves to find the silver rod. He meets a nobleman named Tyrus Baranathes who tells him that he has release a creature of legend, the Drakenspawn or dragon, from its long slumber. Only Aryon can defeat the beast. To do that, he must become a Killer of Dragons.

Stormborn's Debt 
Founders House Publishing, 2015

Brandin Stormborn, the son of a god, a living legend and hero of the realms, returns to the kingdom of Belandria by sea. Years ago, the demigod lived among the kingdom's people, using a different name to hid his true identity. While serving as a merchant's guard, Stormborn, known then as Brandell Shay, incited a revolt, the infamous Casteny Revolt. His youthful zeal cost hundreds their lives. He fled as a criminal carrying his guilt with him. Now, Stormborn returns to face justice and pay back the dead. But, a chance encounter with a young woman named Natya draws him into a battle with a vicious creature named Oracandu who's been terrorizing the city of Ravenhold.

The Darkness Of The Deep
A Warden Of Winds Novel
Founders House Publishing, 2014

A witness to the murder of a fellow apprentice, Caulen Mathersby is forced to flee for his life. In a desperate bid for safety, he sneaks aboard the Morning Star, a merchant vessel departing the city of Luthenaris. Branded a runaway servant and then a stowaway, Caulen must evade capture at the hands of the bounty hunter Val Benlock while also coming to grips with strange powers he can barely understand. He is confronted by Eradshi, a sea goddess, and offered freedom from the magical shackle that binds him if he retrieves a priceless artifact of power for her. What choice will he make?

 A Kingdom Of Shadows 
The Dawnbringer War: Book One
Founders House Publishing, 2012

The great contest is days away. Alan Serandos, an ex-soldier with no future prospects and no hope, plans to win. The prize: The hand of Princess Mariel and a place in the royal family. Meanwhile dark forces have plotted to disrupt the contest and by doing so threaten to topple the kingdom of Calos. An ancient pact will be broken and Mariel will find herself a pawn in a greater game of noble houses and malevolent magic.

Founders House Publishing LLC, 2012, 2021

Fresh from a battle, Fendreg, the Senagran, encounters a blind wizard on the road. Before he knows it, the warrior is drawn into a desperate quest to break a dark curse placed on the king of Noria and stop the undead sorceress Kayessa from rising from the dead and wreaking havoc across the kingdoms of men. Will Fendreg turn the tide?

Founders House Publishing LLC, 2012, 2021

With graduation coming up, Bobby Churchill is interested in only one thing: moving in with his dad and starting over. Then an act of courage changes everything. Bobby is thrust into a new world where superhuman abilities exist and he possesses incredible power. What will he do now?

Cries Of The Faithless 
The Davionite Saga: Book One
Founders House Publishing, 2012

In the late hours of the night Maric Alran, a patreydan priest, hears a voice from heaven, the voice of Davene the Uncontainable. He is shown a prophetic vision of a coming savior for the Nine Realms, a prophet-king called Davion destined to crush the darkness of Mor'Demas, the Rejecter. Young Bram Duighrain, son of a rich farmer and pupil to Alran, believes his future is in scholarship and religions. A tragic turn of events sends Bram on a quest to fulfill the request of his dying master, a journey fraught with dangers both natural and demonic. Joined by others who have their own duties to fulfill, Bram leaves behind all that he knows and takes the first steps towards his own destiny. His fate my be tied to the fate of the world.

Autumn Sky 
(co-authored with Brent Pasley)
Founders HousePublishing, 2011

There are many dangers on a wagon train headed for the goldfields of California. Veteran cavalryman and guide Abel Carter group west through the Kansas Territory when strange and terrible things start happening. Ghostly natives haunt the prairie, shadowing the wagon train as it makes its way to Fort Leavenworth to winter. Behind the Cherokee warriors, a more menacing supernatural presence has awful designs for Carter. Will he survive the darkness? Will anyone?


Other Realms: Volume Three
Founders House Publishing, 2020

Fantasy and sci-fi author, Shaun Kilgore, returns with another volume of his short fiction. As with the previous collections, Other Realms: Volume Three features a range of tales including sword and sorcery, UFO encounters, urban fantasy, and paranormal, among others.

Other Realms: Volume Two
Founders House Publishing, 2020

This is the second collection of short stories by fantasy and science fiction author, Shaun Kilgore. It brings together a variety of tales ranging from sword and sorcery to urban fantasy, military sci-fi, and much more.

The Cursed King and Other Stories

Founders House Publishing, 2017

Long outcast from his beloved Senagra, the wizened warrior named Fendreg, garbed in his mystical gaden-armor, wanders the world, but always with an eye  towards returning home. Honor compels him time and again to aid those in need. In The Cursed King and Other Stories, author Shaun Kilgore brings together a few of his fabled Senagan's exploits.

Other Realms: Volume One 
Founders House Publishing, 2014

Other Realms: Volume One is the first book in a new series that collects original short stories by fantasy and sci-fi author Shaun Kilgore. In this volume, you’ll be taken to far off fantasy worlds filled with magic, adventure, and the games of noble houses and the plights of brave warriors. This book contains ten stories, including “A Reckoning,” “Death To The Messenger,” “Midwinter Night,” “Oathsworn,” “The Beast Of Mern,” “The Prophet’s Return,” “The Risen Queen,” “The Ruling,” “The Traitor,” and “Winds Of Fate.”