Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Search Of A Writing Groove

Sometimes a writer must be very flexible in order to get words down. Often, when you read books about establishing good habits as a writer, you get the line about have a regular workspace and regular time during which you presumably write new words. The thing is that this is really just the idea. We all would love to have a personal writing space where we can sequester ourselves just to write in peace and in comfort.

The realities are often different and the maxim that all writers are different definitely applies to this point. Not all writers work well with long stretches of time. Not only can sitting so long be unhealthy, but it can be unproductive too. Other writers work best out in the midst of the chaos of life (you know, out in the living room with the kids running around and fighting).

Many writers juggle the writing with day jobs that exact their tolls in time and concentration. Writers in this position covet the time to write new words when they can get them. It doesn't always work out. When searching for that writing groove that works for you, a period of experimentation will begin, whether consciously chosen or not. You look around trying to find the right fit for your personality. There are false trails, bad options better left behind, and it can be frustrating.

Other times, it isn't your fault. Your life changes, your schedule changes, and new demands on your time emerge and eat up the groove you'd established. It's painful and again frustrating when this happens even for the best reasons in the world.

I'm looking for a new groove, a kind of writing process that keeps me going at it without that many gaps. I like writing stories and coming up with new ways to express them. The stories are there, many gestating for years, and when I finally get a chance to write one, they all come bubbling up at the same time. This doesn't help with working a writing groove either.

I'm in that process of trying to create the sort of groove that will work with my current life circumstances and that is flexible enough to deal with a variety of changes in conditions. That's something I've had help with when it comes to fundamentals of my process. The implementation has been the trickier part and I know I've said as much here on this site before now.

Still, the work continues. I've finished two books and  a collection of short stories. Another novel was started the other day I aim to put out words consistently every day. That's the desire anyways. No missed days. A streak, if you will.

I won't announce that sort of thing yet. I've made the mistake earlier and would rather stay mum about it. Accountability is great and everything but I feel like being more cautious with such declarations. It's enough to say that I'm in my search for a writing groove. Once I get in it, I might tell you guys. Or maybe not.

Later, folks. Thanks for reading.

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