Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm A Dad...Again And I'm Writing...Still

Well, with today's first update of September, I will note first and foremost, that my son Alexander was born last Thursday. I've been busy with those adjustments such as getting little sleep, feeding him when my wife can't, and generally recognizing, moment by moment, that I helped bring another new life into this world and that this means another layer of responsibility. I'm engaged in that pursuit and loving little Alexander and my other children so much. They are blessings. 

Up to the time my wife's labor was induced, I was continuing work on a stalled novel that I had started back in early May. I only missed a few days at the time of the boy's birth and the next day. I'm determined to have a daily writing habit in place that can be flexible enough to handle the ups and downs of taking care of a newborn. I am feeling pretty good now but know that having my wife around helps with getting larger word counts. 

That will change once she's back at work. My goal is to not set up unreasonable expectations for how many words I will be able to finish that day. I suppose that is an update of sorts. I will be starting on the next chapter in the book today. I'm very close to being done with it. 

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