Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking Forward To Progress

With a new conduit of creativity comes the responsibility to make it something worthy of the time that will be invested in its development. This new webspace, in the form of a blog, is just such a pathway. As a writer, I've been developing my skills writing for dozens of clients, all of who have asked me to create something to fulfill their professional needs; an article here, an ebook there. I have come away with additional skills some improvements in my ability to convey information, and the hope for something more. Spending most of my time as an anonymous ghostwriter has been useful, but as any good writer believes, the opportunity to shine as a distinctive voice and have your name on a byline remains a form of vindication and contentment--at least for a moment until you decide that another article must see the light of day or another story must be birthed and sent away to be experienced by others.

I want SCK Freelancing to be my jumping off point into a new level of writing as well a new dimension of professionalism and good business. That can seem like a lofty goal at times when life's complexities intevene. (In my case, it is tending after two small boys that can thrown a wrench in my daily writing aspirations.)

This simple blog, as I have noted before, will be slow work in progress, but I hope I develop projects and relationships that will enrich my own adventure into the writer's life.

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