Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Plans To Make

It is this point, having definite plans for the development of my freelancing business, that has much relevance. In the week since I last posted (I should be in the habit of posting more often), little has been accomplished for such purposes. I've accomplished small trifles; nothing more. Having fresh business cards printed exposes my want of tangible elements. Obviously, the real work is what I'm doing with the projects that are currently occupying my attention and the prospects for more and varied subjects to explore in writing. SCK Freelancing is still a newborn venture when considered in light of the new dimensions I desire to add. If I were to ennumerate them, I would do so in the following way:

  1. Concentrate on the development of a comprehensive writer's portfolio
  2. Finding ways to add relevant content to this webspace despite its clear restrictions
  3. Pursuing avenues for promoting the blog and, in effect, my writing business
  4. Pursue advantageous relationships with fellow practitioners of the writing craft

These four points are but a starting place and leave plenty of room for further ellaboration. There will be more to come as I progress in my current projects.

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