Thursday, December 10, 2009

Identifying My Freelance Writing Niche

What is my freelance writing niche?  That is the question I should know something about since it is part of the reason I'm here blogging about writing at all.  I'm learning more and more about marketing and narrowing the focus of what I'm talking about on this blog.  As any web marketer will tell you, it is important to have a niche, a category or demographic you are catering your posts to each time.

What's my demographic?  What is my niche?  Well, I've started out by writing more targeted posts about freelance writing, noting my experiences as one and, hopefully, tackling issues that other freelancers have to deal with on a daily basis too.  Yet, "freelancing" isn't targeted enough perhaps. After all, I've not taken too many steps into magazine freelancing.  My realm has been strictly ghostwriting.  

Ghostwriting is where I've gotten my start.  It's also where I've stayed.  I'll admit it isn't where I want to be.  In fact, I want much more from my writing than being the anonymous voice behind other people's works and success.  That being said, there is nothing wrong with ghostwriting.

Now That I Know

It wasn't as though I had no clue I was a ghostwriter.  It's just that I didn't consider it my niche until this moment.  Sorry, folks, sometimes I'm a bit slow.  What this means is that I'm a freelance ghostwriter.  I'm the man behind the curtain.  Perhaps, you've seen my work and did not even know it.  That's because I don't get face credit.  At least, I haven't yet.  My freelance writing life has been defined by the articles, eBooks, and web content that I have writing for others.  That may be what you do as well.  That is also what I plant to concentrate on more for a while.  My posts must keep this in mind.

That's what I'll be trying to share with all of you.  My perspectives and experiences on freelance ghostwriting.  I'll tell you more about the way most of the jobs I've done work. I'll also offer some insights into the topic, you may not have considered.

Keep reading, folks.

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