Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taking The Next Step: Developing A Serious Writer's Blog

For those who have followed the progress of this blog so far, I have been attempting to focus on a niche.  It has been tough at times to find the right tone or voice to use when putting posts together.  I want writers and non-writers alike to get something out of each post I write.  I aim to share some of my freelance writing experiences as well point the way for others who wish to take their first tentative steps into this intriguing world.  

I've been writing targeted content.  I will continue to do this as I get better grasp of what I'm trying to accomplish here at ShaunKilgore.com.  Now that I've been a freelancer for almost most four years, I've been thinking about other areas of writing again.  I still have a spot for being a novelist and my second effort is still in progress.

It is whole big world of writing (and publishing) that really interests me.  I've been expanding my understanding of it.  I've even started my own publishing company.  Add to that a developing venture in travel guides with my friend Thomas Hollowell, and you've got recipe for busyness.  I'm definitely a busy guy, but still a ghostwriter trying to make ends meet and pay the mortgage.

I'm sure many of you are wearing multiple hats in your professional life.  I could also add stay-at-home dad to my list.  (I'm sure some of you are in similar positions.)  This makes it tougher, especially when you have little ones.  I've been making the best of it, attempting to juggle responsibilities.  Still, I have dreams I'm not ready to give up on yet.  Writing and publishing are two big ones.  Books and words, friends.  That is what I'm about.

Keep reading and maybe we'll both enjoy the journey to the writer's realm.

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