Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Facing Facts: A Final 2022 Update

It's been a while. I haven't posted on this page since early September. I figured it was time to say something since the end of 2022 is almost here. Lots of things have happened since I last wrote, but not all of them have been good. I think it would be accurate to say that I'm in the midst of a reboot of just about everything in my life—including my endeavors as a writer and editor. 

I am not going to spend time recapping the year. I'm looking back at the hits and misses. I have things I'm still trying to wrap up or complete in one fashion or another. But truthfully, it's all slipping back into the past and I'm not one to look back. I can only operate in the here and now and thereby influence the shape and flow of my future as a creative. 

I'm using the last few days of 2022 to make some decisions about what the following year is going to look like. My aim is to put out the rest of the fires that have cropped up and caused damage in my personal and professional life. One of the things I want to focus on is streamlining and simplifying what it is I'm doing. Like everyone else, I've got strengths and weaknesses. So, I need to pay to the former rather than the latter. 

Even if I'm just tracing the outlines of what I'd like to see happen in 2023, I think it must always come back to doing more writing than I did the previous year. I'd add a caveat to this though: I'd like to get more of my own stories out to readers rather than just ghostwriting. It'll still be a component of my writerly income, but I'll be striving for more balance.

My work as an editor will also be changing in 2023. I won't reveal to much about that right now. 

In so many ways, I have reached a series of tipping points and I have to make some different moves. I'm hoping I'll be able to get it all sorted out at least for the most part. It all depends on what else life throws at me in this brand-new year barreling down on me. 

Stay tuned, gang. Happy New Year!

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