Friday, September 2, 2022

Now That It's September...

The last several months have not be the greatest. 

The struggles and obstacles have been frequent and I'm still in the midst of them. I don't really know when they'll end or if I'm even close to the end of the difficulties. Thankfully, I'm in better health and I do not have those kinds of problems too. No, this is about my livelihood, my financial situation, largely. Yes, there are some personal matters besides these, but I won't both going into any of that. 

I like to say I'm at least treading water, so to speak. Lots of mental energy is getting used simply in the process of crisis management as different issues crop up and I have to made various adjustments to how I've been operating my publishing and writing businesses just to meet my basic needs and obligations. I've had to make some very tough calls and it pisses me off. I'm sorry to those who've been affected by these changes.

I do not know where all of this will end but I do still have hope that I can sort it all out—given time.

In some ways, I just want to refocus on the things that matter to me. Kind of like going back to square one. At least as much as I can. 

Ghostwriting Redux

In an effort to stay fed and housed, and attempt to pay the bills, I've started delving back into freelance ghostwriting. This is a return really and I may be going much deeper this time into the business because the goal is steadier work that will allow me to reinvest in my floundering publishing company so it might survive to see 2023. 

This isn't what I wanted to do. I wanted to be making enough through Founders House to write my own work only and then turn around and publish it as well. But problems with the publishing company, some due to the pandemic, have forced me to end relationships with writers in an effort to shore things up. Still, none of its guaranteed to work and I may end up closing the doors completely. The only survivor might end up being my magazine, MYTHIC, which I've relaunched (again!). At the time of writing this, I'm running a Kickstarter campaign for a second volume 'best of' collection featuring stories from past issues of the magazine.

Feel free to check that out:

It will end on September 8th, 2022.

I've managed to pick up a handful of ghostwriting gigs since the search began. This is not nearly enough to call it a viable income stream yet, but I'm on a constant hunt for new clients and new project. I've even started seeking those who need book design skills and use what I've learned operating Founders House to help other indie writers but haven't gotten a lot of traction there either. 

My first goal with all of this is just a little bit of stability. 

Patreon Lessons

Since I started a Patreon page for my writing and publishing efforts, I've managed to gain a small following. The only problem has been keeping them engaged. I've had to admit that I just don't know how to leverage this great crowdfunding tool to build on my audience and gain enough followers to generate a legitimate income stream to help support my efforts as a creative.

As of this writing, my personal Patreon page, (, is barely hanging on. Even after attempts to retool it, I just don't provide enough engagement to keep everyone interest. One of the features that I revived and targeted for support from patrons was Free Fiction Friday. But I've not had the time to write new stories and have run out of ones to post each Friday. So, it has fallen by the wayside.

Would I like to find a way to attract enough patrons to make enough to pay the bills? Of course, I would. For now, the page is still there for the curious. If you like my work as a writer or editor, please consider supporting me in this way. I'd like to be able to produce some exclusive content for patrons.

So, There It Is

I gave you a bit of an update in a nutshell. I hope to have better news to report the next time I give an update. I hope all is well with you and yours. 

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