Tuesday, July 19, 2022


UPDATE: (8/16/2022) Since I wrote the post below, I have managed to bring MYTHIC back and the submissions are open right now. The magazine will return next month as a bi-monthly publication. At least I solved one problem.

Okay. The last time I commented on MYTHIC, my sci-fi and fantasy magazine, I said I was pausing things—and I have. But... I've also been trying to bring the publication back into action. I've been posting on Facebook and Twitter about it, perhaps excessively at times, trying to get support. So far, the response has been poor. Lots of enthusiasm, follows, and likes, but no support to help with the costs of actually producing the magazine.

Since my last notice, not quite a month ago, I've posts different options for supporting MYTHIC on the magazine's website. I figured I would post them here as well should anyone not have seen them on social media or the site.

Here's what I wrote there: 

These are the current ways to support MYTHIC and bring it back: 

Patreon: www.patreon.com/mythicmag

GoFundMe: gofundme.com/f/help-mythic-sff-magazine-resume-publication

PayPal donate button: www.mythicmag.com (You can find the button on the site's sidebar.)

And here's one that could help as well: Paid advertisements in each issue. You can promote your sci-fi and fantasy related books, etc. 

Advertisement space: https://www.mythicmag.com/p/advertisement.html

I will resume subscriptions on the website once it's clear when the magazine will return and what will be its frequency. Note: I'm leaning heavily towards bi-monthly publication since this is not quite as intensive as monthly for me given my personal constraints.)

Progress as of today, July 19th, 2022:

The Patreon page: My management of the page has been in consistent, and we've had a lot of turnarounds in terms of subscribers/patrons there. But right now, the monthly support stands at $205. Not terrible at all, but not enough yet. I've set an initial goal of $350. 

The GoFundMe: Yep, I set up one and left it alone. So far, we've had about $84 of support there and set a $1,000 goal, but I figured it was good to have a way for people to chip in on a one-time basis at any amount rather than the reoccurring amounts of Patreon.

PayPal Donate button: I've had some support via the PayPal donate button too. Less than $100 at this point. Another great source of one-time support.

Advertising space: I'm not sure what I'm expecting here. It would be great to get enough ad revenue to cover the costs and then some, but maybe I need to get the magazine active again?

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