Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Yes, I Wrote A Holiday Romance Novella

Hey gang,

One of the things that lost in the shuffle at the end of the last year was the fact that I was branching out in my writing and attempting my first romance novel. In this case, A Hometown Christmas, was a novella but close enough. 

I wrote it because I was curious about writing one. Long ago, I decided that despite the fact that I'm predominantly a fantasy and science fiction writer, I didn't want to be limited to those genres. 

Obviously, I was a bit late getting this book print, but here it is, nonetheless.

Here's the description: 

For Kate Winstead, closing the sale of the condo she shared with her ex-husband marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life. With Christmas coming up, and the unpleasant business finally behind her, Kate accepts an invitation from her best friend Jana's parents to join them back home in Green Hill, Indiana for the holidays. She isn't prepared for the welcome of the Grayson family, let alone Jana's older brother, Luke.

He's not been home to Indiana in years, but Luke Grayson has been making big money on the western oil fields. But that's not why he stayed away so long. Green Hill held some unpleasant memories for Luke. Ten years earlier he'd left the town with a broken heart. The girl he loved had stayed behind, held captive by her own demons.

Brought together by the Christmas season, Kate and Luke stumble into something that neither expected.


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