Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Update: January 2020

Hi everyone. I've not written a blog post or any sort of update in a several months. I have a few updates I'd like to share as we close in on the end of January 2020. Most of you probably have plans or goals for the new year and I'm no different. One of the biggest is a production goal. I want to produce more new fiction this year than ever. I will be doing this in a variety of ways so stay tuned for that as I will be updating with further details but I will share a few right now.

First, I'm back to share a new book release. You can purchase my second short story collection, Other Realms: Volume Two. This new book collects thirteen of my fantasy and science fiction short stories. You can buy by visiting the publisher's website here or visit Amazon or other online retailers.

If you like short stories, why not give it a read.

Second, I am developing a more regular collection or anthology to showcase my short fiction so I am writing more regularly and contributing to the big production goal.

Third, there will be more novels and other books this year. I'm developing a schedule to help me better accomplish these more involved projects.

Again, stay tuned, folks!

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