Friday, August 24, 2018

Ouch...I Fell Hard

I haven't written a post since early Tuesday morning. The reason? What I thought was a minor sickness, got worse the next couple of days before I started getting over it. I'm still not 100% but I'm better. So, I fell off the blog writing streak and the fiction one.

But, I'm back here.

I still want to write more on this blog and do intend to do just that, but as I mentioned previously, it might not always been consecutively. We'll see though.

Since I missed some productive days working on writing and publishing projects and even some hours on the night job, I want to get back up to speed. I'll take my time. The first stop is to just report here. Call it a measure of accountability. Even though this isn't a two-way conversation, I like the idea of accountability the posts provide.

I remember several years ago now doing a really fun thing with a friend of mine. We decided to write a short story a week each and then trade stories to read. Now, that's accountability. I loved doing that. The only problem sticking with it over a longer period of time and maybe adding another dimension such as submitting the stories we wrote to different markets.

It would have been a way to encourage one another and spur each other to stay committed to writing often and completing new stories all the time.

I honestly would love to try that again and see how long we can keep the streak of writing and sending out new stories going. A couple of writers I read about did that very thing for over two years. They added a fun part to the challenge: If one of the writers didn't complete the story by the weekly deadline, they would have to buy the other writer a steak dinner.

Fun but with consequences.

So I might be on the lookout for a writing companion to keep me focused on practicing the craft of storytelling.

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