Friday, April 22, 2016

An Update: Wearer of Many Hats

Hello folks! Well, the gap between posts went a little longer than I thought it would this time. And I've been engaged elsewhere, as they say. Life does get busy sometimes and I've been trying to make adjustments to how things roll around here. I'm a man wearing many hats and I've been trying to wear all of them almost at once. That's been a bit too much so I've had to take a few off and set them aside. Have to be realistic after all. It all becomes a question of achieving better time management. 

Much of what I mentioned back in February is still very much in play. I'm focusing more on publishing than on writing but am still working hard to give it a place as well. You add other adult responsibilities and you have a full load. I certainly do.

Another factor: I've been absorbed by the course of American politics. I never thought I'd pay such close attention to the goings-on in the election cycle for President, but I have. It's been building over the years and I've just been trying to pay more thoughtful attention to what it's all about and learning far more about the details. Getting older and having kids does that to a person, I suppose. You start caring what sort of future they might have and what sort of society they'll inhabit. 

As a habit, I don't talk much about that sort of thing on this blog. I tend to compartmentalize things. I'm as taken in as the next person by the old maxim about not discussing politics or religion--even though the subjects deeply fascinate me and matter to me. While I've certainly considered sharing my thoughts and reflections on such things here, I suppose that being so open about those contentious subjects as an author could possibly backfire. I'm not that keen to alienate possible readers. I keep my lip buttoned up when I'd love to have open discourse--at least in this space. At the same time, there is something to be said for being vocal about one's views and opinions. (Perhaps, if it is done through the written word via fiction, yes?) 

We all have views and opinions, don't we? Sometimes they're like matches thrown on dry brush, but often they're like a cool glass of water on a hot day. It's hard to know what one you'll get.

With all that said, I will end by telling you that I'm making changes. But doing them in very small steps so I have a good chance of getting them done. I have multiple projects running right now. I'll do more updates as all it comes together. Thanks for checking in with me.

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