Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Late May Update

I only get back here about once a month now. Part of that is not having much to say when it comes to my own creative output. That's fine and I'll just say that I've been away from my writing lately but am trying to get back to it again as time permits. It is still one of my main pursuits. At the same time, my work as a publisher is rising and more time is devoted to other people and their stories, both true ones and those purely the products of imagination.

I have a lot of fun as a publisher and designing the books is a pleasure. It's also a great deal of work, but that's all to be expected. Making my company a success takes time, but I know that the more time I give it, the less time it will take to see the sort of results that I've been aiming for from the start. As a writer, I came to publishing with a mind towards helping fellow writers and building a network of writers who all way to help each other achieve their goals. That's all just a philosophy that underlies what I'm doing at Founders House. I hope I can help them build something for themselves.

As a writer though, I also feel this pressure to come back and give it a proper place in my daily life. I've been away from it for a time. And in that interval, I've made the work too important. I've become critical. The secret I've learned from long-term pro fiction writers is that the work isn't that important. It's just making things up in the end. The creative act should be a joy and it should be fun. When it becomes more than this, it tends to stop you cold. I think it did for me. So the lesson needs to be learned all over again. So, I simply have to go back and just start writing again. That way, I'll begin to work my way back to the right mindset.

It all comes back to focus and to having a plan. That's the behind the scenes work going on. With any luck, I'll be back with another update brimming with news. Catch you then.

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