Thursday, February 25, 2016

Update Of Sorts

It's been over a month. I haven't updated much on the goings-on here in my little corner of the universe. It's been a busy time and a time for continued reflection on what happens next. I've been looking at what it is that I've been doing as a writer and what I would like to do. There are differences. In some cases, big differences.

What is at issue is more than writing. It is what else in my life takes up the limited time each of us has day by days. The matter is deciding what to prioritize. That can be tough when there are so many possibilities. I've grown busier and honestly my priorities have been changing. I've been looking harder at what I'm doing and what sort of projects I'd like to do and find more options out there than I ordinarily let myself see. 

I'm a publisher. That's taking more or a front seat and I'm glad for it. But, there are other things too. I've always been something of a creative sort and that hasn't been limited to writing. Making art is a much broader description. I know this but I haven't lived this enough. So that's changing. I'll been informing on more than just writing.

As a writer, I've been very narrow on what sort of work I've been doing. Naturally, some would say that it makes sense to focus on a particular style of writing or a genre. There is some merit to that thinking, but it isn't always right. So, I'm moving past it, and becoming more experimental. Fantasy and science fiction are still important to me as modes of expression, but I want to see what else there is. I want to come more in line with where my tastes have grown.

I'll be trying to update on the goings-on as they go on and inform the interested on works completed.

So there it is.

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