Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016!

So it's a newly-minted year so what am I doing right now? 

Well, I've been writing. Still working on the book I started back during NaNoWriMo 2015. I'm not trying to push so hard to get it to fit any sort of expectations that I might dream up. I'm just trying to have fun and tell a good story. No more, no less. 

I'm still considering the challenges idea. For example, I've thought about taking up a writing streak. What is this? Well, it's simple enough. You just write everyday without missing for as long as you can. New words of fiction each and every day of this year. I could add further goals like word count or project count goals, but I haven't yet. My minimum word count I like to hit is 1,000 words or four pages. Four pages a day for the duration of 2016 would get me 366,000 words. Now what form all of these words would take is up for debate. I have no idea right now. Some of them, though, will be used on my current novel. 

It seems that when I ever I write about word counts, I think in terms of fiction rather than nonfiction, so that doesn't even get mention when I talk about such totals. I might change that if I end up writing more nonfiction during the course of the year. I like the openness of a new year. There are always circumstances that affect what actually gets done, but at this early stage, it is still important to dream and imagine the possibilities. 

I do like the idea of this being the "Year of the Writer." It sounds cool anyway. I'll keep all of you posted.

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