Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pondering Nonfiction's Place In My Career

I've not been writing fiction lately.

Instead, I've been reading and thinking about the kind of writing I want to do going forward. I've also been thinking about the nonfiction books and freelancing I've done in the past. As any one can see by clicking on the Nonfiction tab at the top of the page, I've done a few nonfiction books. These titles were paid project that helped in establishing my publishing company.

Lately, I've been thinking about writing nonfiction again. I've also been presented with the possibility that I'll be doing another paying gig for a book. No details there but it is in the works, so to speak. My reading habits have leaned more heavily towards nonfiction for years now. Such tastes were acquired through serious theological studying and reading on religion. (In truth, many of my tastes remain embedded in these same subject matters, but I've added plenty of history and other subjects too.)

I've written one nonfiction book, a short one, that I don't claim too often since my views have changed so much since writing it. At the time, I wrote it under a pen name. It's still out there for sale, but not selling really.

Still, I have contemplated writing nonfiction. Essays mostly. I got as far as general subjects and titles, before I backed off the project. Writing about religion can be difficult. It's one of those subjects that doesn't endear you to certain  readers and can be controversial. It's one I'd probably write under a pseudonym, or some variation of my name, just to keep it separate from my fiction work. It's a possibility though.

In other areas, I think I'd like to do some other nonfiction work just to learn about the subjects. Call it a form of self-education program. Whether any of these ideas will be beneficial to my career, I can't tell. I've said that I want to focus on fiction and building a career as a fiction writer, but I have to admit to myself at least, that I'm more than a fiction writer.

To those who actually read my fiction, do not fear, I will continue writing. Storytelling is an art form I do wish to improve in. The only way to do so is by practicing it.

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