Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dear Writer: Pondering And Puzzling Discouragement

Dear Writer,

I'm off track again. The real world intruded on this fantasy writer and I about left writing behind. Yes, I do recognize the melodrama. I've heard that writers can be drama queens. It's probably true.

I've been discouraged lately and real life hit me with a curve ball and I'm trying to work through that. I've been wondering for a while what sort of plan I should have but keep drawing blanks. I did finish a few more short stories, and I'll list those in an update soon, but I thought about not writing anymore and maybe trying to focus on other things in life for a change.

Have you felt that way?

If you have, I'd like to hear about it. I'd like to hear from fellow writers because I honestly need to camaraderie and 'shop talk.'

I don't know what the next step will be. To write standalones or series? If series, what kind? Episodic or grand epics? Smaller epics? Sword and sorcery or high fantasy? Urban fantasy? It goes on and on. What makes it all exhausting is that I'm feeling lousy about my writing. I know that practice is the only way to get better but I'm just too damned impatient sometimes.

I want readers. I want enough readers to make this writing thing a viable career.

I want to tell deep, intense stories filled with drama, comedy, love, and action. And so on.

Maybe you want that too, dear writer. I hope you get it sorted out too. Maybe you're thinking the same for me.

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