Monday, March 3, 2014

Changed My Site's Look Again Or Killing Time While I Figure Out What To Write

Yep, it's come to procrastinating, friends. I'm having a moment where I don't know what the heck I'm going to write next. Part of me thinks I've just needed a break to allow for reassessment going forward. I did that all last week. Not a single word of fiction at all. I've been contemplating a nonfiction book of essays on a particular topic of interest to me (yes, being vague on purpose).

I've also been thinking about writing a novel again. (No, I haven't forgotten the short story challenge. I will finish at least the twenty stories I promised. Just might work them in over time while other projects arise. Additionally, it's possible I have another book project on the horizon--one that pays a little something, I hope. That means I'll have to strike a tougher balance in order to fit time for fiction and nonfiction. That is all ahead of me.

As the title states, I've changed the look of my blog again. The fact is that I didn't like how it looked. It was wrong. I was going for a look that leaned more towards my fantasy fiction writing, but then remembered that I'm more than a fantasy writer. I went with a more simplistic look. I guess I just like to mix things up some.

So yeah, trying to get a grip on the writing at the moment. Probably the most important thing is to get in the habit of writing everyday again. Then work on things like word count goals or project goals afterwards.

I guess that's it for now. I'll have some new releases coming up here soon, including Other Realms: Volume One, so stay tuned, folks.

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