Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again...And Working On A Novel

Ten days ago I wrote that I was abandoning my plan to complete a novel in August. Maybe it was a last straw in what was a series of writing problems I've been trying to address all summer or not. I know that I tried do hit this goal I set for myself but it took getting back to the novel I abandoned in early May to get me back on the right course and more importantly writing again.

I've found that I have to ease myself back into producing the amount of words that I want to complete daily and weekly. It isn't easy to accomplish from the outset but I do think I'm working my way back into it.

The novel I'm working on is called The Stormbringer's Star. Another fantasy story that I think might be part of series of works. I won't say a word about here but I am writing on it again which is a minor cause for celebration for me. I'm a writer only when I'm writing. While that hasn't be an issue since I do keep a journal and I've written blog posts here, I do not feel right unless fiction has a prominent place in the projects.

My plan at this point is to finish this novel then do a few short stories to cleanse the palette then dive into another novel, the second book in a projected trilogy. This is an important step. I am not making a challenge right now. That was perhaps the wrong approach for me considering the difficulties I was having with working.

I'll close by reminding all of you that I do have a novel coming out in the near future and I will be posting cover art here soon. Also, I have a collection of short stories that I will be releasing as well. Stay tuned folks.

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