Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upcoming Book For A Favorite Author

I decided to put up something different. So much of the writing I do (and hope to do) is based on how much I enjoy reading good books by talented writers. I wanted to share some news about a favorite of mine. I'm not sure how many of you read or enjoy speculative fiction like science fiction or fantasy, but such books have long been my genre of choice. One writer, a fairly new writer, has made a lot of headway in the business over the last five years or so. I'm talking about Brandon Sanderson. 

If you saw the recent good read on my page you will have noticed the book The Gathering Storm, which was co-written by Brandon and another favorite writer Robert Jordan. (In fact, Sanderson was chosen to finish the final volumes of Jordan's epic series The Wheel Of Time after the author had passed away. There are two more books in the series.)

Still, Brandon has started to make name in his own right with his own books. While he has also written a middle-grade series, I've only had the pleasure of reading his adult fantasy novels. This year, he has two books coming out. Not only is the planned second book of the final three volumes of The Wheel Of Time, which is called Towers of Midnight, coming out towards the end of the year, but Brandon's publisher, Tor, is also releasing the first volume of his new epic fantasy series The Stormlight Archive,  which is called The Way Of Kings. This will be released in August.

Another Perspective

I'm am looking forward to both of these books. Yet, these are only two out of the many books that are being published this year.

As I learn more about the world of publishing I am beginning to see that for all the books that make it to print, there are other books worth of publication that equally deserve a place. That's one of the reason I started a small press. I wanted the chance to offer another vehicle for would-be authors to produce their books. I've talked more about that in a previous post.

I'm excited by the future prospects.

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