Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Four Approaches To Writing Schedules

Today, I thought I would pull out some articles that I've found on the topic of schedules. There are definitely some different ways to approach the subject. What it comes down it is finding one that works for you. All of you know that each writer has their own unique writing habits. I know that none of this is original thinking. In fact, I'm sure most of you already have some type of schedule in place to help you get writing done each day. This doesn't mean that the method you're using is getting you the results you've hoped for.

Perhaps, you are considering a change in your writing schedule and would appreciate another perspective. I hope these posts will offer you some guidance. Thanks for reading.

Four Approaches

1. Creating A Writing Schedule That Works For You - Yuliya Geikhman (Associated Content)

2. How To Create A Writing Schedule - lolaness (eHow)

3. How To Stick To Your Writing Routine - Ashley Sinatra (Associated Content)

4. How To Make A Writing Schedule And Stick To It - Online Writing Tips (blog)

What Else?

Now, I'm sure you'll find some overlap in some of the advice and tips included in these different articles, but that shouldn't be a deterrent. Not at all. There are just some things about setting up a writing schedule that are common to any writer. It is only the fine details that will vary from person to person.

I'm still trying to discover the perfect schedule for me. I think I've dabbled in a variety of approaches because I am always trying to make one flexible enough to meet the demands of child care obligations. Being a stay-at-home dad is tough all on its own. Little children have a hard time understanding a writing schedule if they understand it at all. With time, I know they will more, but in the meantime, I have to do what works - and make up the difference in other ways.

All of this is to say that schedules really are an important part of having a good writing career. They will help you attain your goals and meet your deadlines. Without them, you may find that time slips away from you so quickly. If you haven't established your own schedule, then do it now. Don't wait another moment. Your thank yourself later.

Again, thanks for reading. If you have any other approaches to scheduling, could you pass them on here by leaving a comment. See you next time.

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