Thursday, November 5, 2009

Developing A Freelance Writing Brand

I'm not the first writer to seek out a way to capitalize on limitless possibilities to create niche readership in order to build traffic and by extension build a brand. I'm here to create quality content. Often that is difficult to do when you're actively working on freelance projects.

You spend your time writing articles or other content all day, but you don't have time to come up with good material for an article or post that you hope to use in marketing your own page. Really, that's what I'm doing here. I'm hoping to generate more traffic by addressing genuine needs and concerns of the average workaday freelance writer.

That's what I am, after all. Right now, I'm a part-time freelance writer working when I can to make ends meet in my household. I'm sure I am not alone in that category. All of use as writers are seeking to leave a mark somewhere even when we can't do so with the projects that take up most our writing time.

In order to get my voice out there I first needed to identify it and bring it out in specific ways. My chosen venue, as you can tell, is blogging. I've joined the ranks of hundreds of thousands of freelance writers who are already blogging - or even making money blogging. I will be frank with my readers: I'm tryinig to do the same.

There is one lesson that I'm not going to repeat again. I will not have all of my writing projects coming from one basket. I'm here to diversify my freelancing income. I'm here to build a brand that people will be interested to support. (That's also why I've taken the bold step of adding a button for those who found value in my writing posts and would like to support my goal. You can find it easily on

My freelance writing brand is still indevelopment. I'm making small steps in the right direction. Naturally, I have farther to go before I get the results I hope to receive.

I want to thank those who have visited my site and linked to my posts. Please leave comments. I would like to read them. Thanks for reading. I'll see you next time.

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