Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Shape of 2018

Now that it is a few weeks into the new year, I wanted to write something here. Like many of you, I have lots of hopes and maybe a few plans in place for what I'd like to accomplish in a brand new year. That's what resolutions are about after all. A new year. A clean slate.

For me, there were things that were put into motion in 2017 that will be done in the early part of this new year. As a publisher, I have several books already in the pipeline for publication. In fact, that is taking up more of my time than anything else. This isn't new; I've mentioned how writing has taken a backseat. So far, I've completed one short story this year.

Once I get a big chunk of the work I have currently in front of me, I have a writing challenge in mind. As a regular reader of long-time writer Dean Wesley Smith, I've learned a great deal about challenges. All kinds of challenges. One that appeals just now is to commit to writing a short story a week all year long. I'll admit that I tried to jumpstart that challenge at the beginning of the year, but I missed last week. You can refer back to the heavy publishing workload for part of the reason why. There are others.

You see, I have 'a lot of irons in the fire.' Or, I'm wearing a lot of hats.

I consider my role as Publisher at Founders House Publishing my main one. It's swiftly followed by the role I have as Editor of MYTHIC: A Quarterly Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine (A Founders House project nonetheless).

But neither of these focuses is bringing in enough to make them my sole living. For that, I have another job unrelated to either that takes up far more time than I would like at present.

Writing is getting the short end of the stick these days. I'm not happy about it either, but the fun I have with the publishing and book designing and reading story submissions for MYTHIC somewhat makes up for it.

Still, I do plan to make a return to writing. That's why I might try to restart the writing challenge. It may  keep the story-a-week format I started with or it may change over the course of the coming year. Regardless, I will be writing.

I have big ambitions for what I'd like to see happen this year. Honestly, I a big part of the reason why is that this is the year I turn 40 years old. A milestone year...and a wakeup call. There is an urgency to it somehow. Some of my goals are bold. Many of them will require help and support from those who have benefitted or appreciate the work I've been doing in editing and publishing.

There are lot of things in the works. I will try to tell you more about them as we proceed further into 2018.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Five Days Till The End...Of 2017

I've been busy.

That's why there have been no updates since I released my novella, The Grim, in October. I've been busy behind the scenes as a publisher and an editor. I've also dealt with some personal/family issues that have shaken the status quo to its core, so I'm still recovering too.

Now, I open my eyes wider and realize the year's almost gone. How'd that happen?

My company has made some great strides this year and there were some good books published. I started a very ambitious project that has certainly been a test as well as a pleasure to do. MYTHIC, the magazine I edit and publish, is still going. I'm about ready to drop Issue #5 if you believe it. More to do with that project too. Lots more. You'll here about it all as I go through some learning curves and pick up a few new skills along the way.

With the year about up, I'm starting to look ahead to 2018. Plans are being made. Projects are already ramping up in some cases. There are a lot of dreams that I'd like to make realities next year. I can't guarantee anything, but I can put things into motion and see what happens. If nothing else, it will all be interesting.

I plan to return to writing in a serious way in 2018. I want to finish things previously started and move on to new work. New books and new short stories are the goal. I have a lot of hopes tied to writing this coming year and I hope I manage some of it.

I hope all of you have had a Happy Holiday season and I wish each of you a Happy New Year.