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Updates: The Work Continues

Since I haven't been very active lately as a writer this page hasn't gotten much attention lately. I'm aiming to change that situation but I am doing that in a larger context of my work as both publisher and editor. Writing is still there nipping at my heels so I've taken some small steps at getting back to in a substantive way.

Mostly that means that I've just started working on short stories again, very slowly mind you, but I am doing something again. Hopefully the pace and scope of this will change as I ramp back up over the coming weeks.

This post serves as an update to those who happen to follow my progress creatively and otherwise. With that in mind, I'd like to announce that I have a new book out. In fact it's a little bit of new and old. A few years back I e-published a novella called The Cursed King about a Conan-inspired character I called Fendreg of Senagra. He started out in a pair of short stories first (which also appear in e-single forms) an…

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