Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keep Writing Even When Things Go Wrong

Well, I've had an interesting few days. This last Friday, I lost power in the second level of my house. The resulting surge destroyed my computer. Unfortunately, not everything was backed up. So I lost recent files. Worse, I lost the first part of my NANOWRIMO story. I was so looking forward to working on that.

The issues persisted until today when I was able to get power reestablished. Right now, I'm working on a borrowed laptop. I'm attempting to recover my freelance bearings and get back to work. The novel will have to be put on hold. I can always participate in NANOWRIMO next year. The need to get freelancing projects completed takes precedence.

Yes, I have to keep writing even when things go wrong (if possible, that is.) Unexpected things happen you can look things when you don't have a good (and consistent) system for preserving materials.

I, unfortunately, have been less than efficient at putting such a system in place. Now, I get to pay the consequences of this negligence. Yay!

With luck, I will be able to recover my hard drive. Right now, I have to keep moving. There are plenty of things to keep me busy for the remainder of this month.

I hope none of you reading this have had to deal with anything so dramatic in your freelance writer's life. Until next time. Bye.

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