Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022 Writing Challenge

In yesterday's post, I outlined the results of my February writing challenge. You can go read that post if you like. Basically, while I February I tried to write a story a day for the whole month, but only managed eight complete ones. 

In March, I am scaling that back and aim to write at least one story a week. Even though, depending on my schedule, I might be able to do more than one a week, I'll set the target at one story per week. I will update you on the progress of my challenge, but I should at least have five finished pieces of short fiction by March 31st.

Nearly all of them will end up in the pages of Kilgore's Five Stories (You can check out the latest issue by clicking on the cover in the sidebar), then they'll show up in other collections, and as standalone eBooks. Eventually, they'll make their appearance right here on Free Fiction Friday

Wish me luck, gang. I plan to have a blast telling myself stories. 

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