Monday, February 28, 2022

Writing Challenges: Final Update February's Challenge

February is basically over now. So, how did I fair in my February Writing Challenge? As I noted before, I failed at the primary goal to write a story a day for the entire month without missing. I also did not finish anymore short stories this month because other paying projects became priorities—such is the freelance writer's lot. (I have one partially finished story plus eight finished ones to show for my first writing challenge of the year.) It's a failure on one level but a success on another. After all, I did finish eight new short stories. 

By the way, here is a list: 

  1. Deep Thoughts, Cold Drinks (3,328 words)
  2. At A Crossroads (2,281 words)
  3. Maybe More Than Friends (1,322 words)
  4. I Can't See the Sun (1,151 words)
  5. The Song of the Sleeping Violet (2,500 words)
  6. Trail of Ash and Bone (2,510 words)
  7. A Different Kind of Therapy (1,312 words)
  8. The Best Seat in the House (1,122 words)

I'm happy with results.

What's Next?

Tomorrow, a new month begins. What sort of challenge will I try in March? Honestly, I'm still on a short story kick. (Remember, I've got monthly collections of Kilgore's Five Stories to fill!) Therefore, my March writing challenge will be to write one short story a week. That's right. One a week. This one might just be more possible right now. I'd love to give it shot and see where I end up at the end of March.

I'll do a post tomorrow to kick it off. 

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