Monday, December 27, 2021

2021: End of the Year Update

Okay. So, with the last few days of 2021 upon us, I find myself at several crossroads. Some of them are very personal, others are related to business concerns. I've been reassessing many things lately and have been dealing with multiple issues that have provided unpleasant clarity. My part in this has been to make some difficult decisions as I try to cut down on the chaos that is swirling around me. 

There have been logistical issues with printing books through my publishing company. I had to make some significant changes and those are still ongoing. I hope to have them sorted out as I head into the new year. It's all part of doing business and making Founders House better. 

One of the biggest creative blows I've faced is the decision to close down MYTHIC, my science fiction and fantasy magazine. I produced seventeen great issues of that publication since 2016. I'm really sorry that I have to walk away. There have been too many problems, including lack of adequate funding that have pushed me further into a corner. I had thought I found a way forward, but that was not to be. Basically, the magazine is on indefinite hiatus until I know how to move forward. 

In other news: In the middle of 2020, I started publishing five-story collection or issues of a monthly mini-magazine I called Kilgore's Five Stories. I went a year before some of the same aforementioned issues led to pause that project as well. There are twelve current issues. Back in November, I mentioned my plan to relaunch Kilgore's Five Stories in 2022. I still plan to do this.

So, what does this mean for my fiction in 2022? 

I will still be writing (and publishing) novels. I have a few coming your way. I will announce more details on that going forward. 

I'll will continue having stories free to read for one week on my website via Free Fiction Fridays.

I might start submitting stories to other markets and see if I can crack them. 

Onward to 2022!

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