Monday, May 3, 2021

Kilgore's Five Stories #10: May 2021

Another issue of my monthly mini-magazine of short fiction has just dropped in electronic formats. The print editions should be available in the next day or so. I'm excited to see another issue done on this little project of mine. I've created my own venue for short stories and plan to keep doing this for the foreseeable future. You should check it out. It'll be available though most retailers and I'll update this post with a universal book link once it's live. 

Here's one way to get the eBook edition right now: 

Kilgore's Five Stories #10 on Payhip:

Here's the blurb:

Kilgore’s Five Stories #10 includes another exciting variety of fantasy stories from intense sword and sorcery to political and religious intrigues. Add a sci-fi tale of a alien encounter to round out this latest collection of stories by author Shaun Kilgore. The May 2021 issue includes the following stories: The Will of Candash, The Swordsmen of Calabray, Agent of Change, Inheritance, and The Fall of the Witch-King.

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