Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Halfway Point

It's now August 15th, and I'm basically halfway through this month of daily blogging. Rather than cramming the post into the end of the day, I'm writing hit here at the midpoint of the day, just before lunch.

Can I say again that a daily writing habit of any kind can be tough if you don't give it time in your schedule? My days have tended more towards chaos lately and it is always a harried mix of working on the publishing company, watching kid(s), and providing care for my mother. Then before I know it, it's time to head out to my nighttime job.

Not always the best when trying to establish habits defined by time set aside for specific tasks like writing. I have to squeeze it in between other things. I'm not complaining just making the observation.

Since starting this, I've been reading different articles on the whole concept of the daily writing routine, and finding that there are many similar suggestions about what it takes to do it and they offer tools or techniques to make it easier to form and stick to the new habit. I've also see a few  here and there speaking out again the daily writing habit. It's an odd thing to see, but I've see at least three or four articles advocating for some other approach to getting writing other than just doing it every day.

Others just mention that not every writer is the same or works the same. The creative process varies a bit. That's fair.

I suppose the word flexibility applies to all of this. You have to choose what works best for you or what you think you need right now in your writing life. For me, I feel the need for more consistency, especially when it comes to my fiction. Maybe this blog will slip back to an occasional thing, but I want the fiction to be a daily thing. At least an almost daily thing.

Just airing some thoughts...

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