Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Rough Patch

Okay. I hit another pot hole on the writing road today.

The fiction didn't happen. The main reason the fiction didn't happen is that I put it last. It sort of fell off the cliff of the day. You can only squeeze in some many things during the day, during those productive hours, and taking the time to writing on the novel wasn't something I did. Still, maintaining that I could just tack the writing time onto the end of the day after I'd put in several hours at the night job was a mistake I should have been able to avoid.

I didn't.

The question is whether I'll stop making that same costly mistake and carve out time during the day time. I have to give fiction writing a higher priority than I did to day. Yes, what I was working on was important too,  but that's no excuse.

Plus, I need to stop thinking that these late hours of the night are productive for me. Old thinking that just has to go away.

So, I fell off that writer horse again. Tomorrow, I decide if I'll get back up on it.

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