Sunday, August 5, 2018

I Made Progress

While I did have other things going, my Saturday was more open than a weekday would be and I still managed to do a fair share of procrastination. I spent a few hours working on tasks related to my publishing company, I was out and about doing a few errands and I took my mom out for lunch, but at some point I got back to the house and I was alone with some time that could be used to put words to the page.

I ended up watching a movie. So it goes. Then I was invited for pizza so I dashed off to my brother's house.

Afterwards, and much later, I got to the computer and wrote last night's blog post. Then I decided I wanted to add a progress meter for my projects to the website so I poked around and found one and put it up to share what I've done on the novel. You'll find it in the sidebar. Check it out.

Later still, I opened up the book file and started writing...very...very slowly. The words were not coming easier and it was getting very late. I wanted to stop well short of the daily target, but kept pushing through, adding a few words, a few words there. One page led to the next. After a while I stopped paying attention to the number of words I was doing and focused more on the story itself. I realized I wanted to get to the end of a chapter and felt I was getting closer.

So I kept writing and I finished a chapter. And had just over 1,300 words.

I felt pretty good about that. Now I just have to do it again, and again, and so on. Just keep writing. Every day. So, I'm leaving this for now and heading back into fantasy land. Good night.

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