Monday, August 6, 2018

Another Step...

This writing every day is an uphill climb and after so much time away. It takes a lot more effort to take another step. It's true of this blog and it's definitely true of fiction. I suppose it's just the nature of forming habits. I've heard a lot of writers talk about the power of writing daily and it all comes down to building and strengthening those particular habits that get you coming back to the page. That's the important part. That's how you get somewhere.

I came back to the page last night and ended up adding 1,116 words to the novel. I took another step. That's the way of writing something like a novel. It's not something you can pour out, whole and complete all at once. Like any big task, it has to be broken down. For me, right now, that adds up to about four pages a day. I could try for a lot more, but I still have to spend more time here, working at this pace. I know writers who write less and I know writers who write much more than 1,000 words a day. I used to do that from time to time, but I was never that consistent at the practice. 

I'm trying to do things differently now. I'm aiming for a different approach to my own fiction writing and to writing in general. There's a process here. I have to push through the resistance and working out mental muscles. It's just plain not easy at first. Building discipline plays a part here.

Fiction has its own set of challenges. Honestly, I think writing these blogs every day will be the tougher course. I've never been one to share that much, especially not so often. A daily blog isn't easy either. I've found myself spinning my wheels for some time trying to figure out what to say to fill this page in with more than a couple of paragraphs. Only in the last five minutes have the words started flowing. That's certainly something. You see, I had to push through a tight spot in my own mind. I had to make myself stay here until the words began to flow again.

I'd say that's how it is with most writers. I've heard it said that if you make it a daily habit the resistance eases up over time. Not sure if I believe them, but I guess I haven't tried it either. So, that's what I'm doing here.

When I think about the very idea of writing here in this space every day, it becomes uncomfortable. I mean, what am I going to write about? The novel has a path built into, a story to tell. This blog is open-ended. I think it needs something more to fill it out. I can only give so much thought and time to it in a given day with other demands pressing for my time, but still, its something I want to do.

I'll probably look around for things to write about, and maybe some of them will have to do with writing, storytelling, and all of the sort of things I deal with while I build my own writing career while I also seek ways to better my other business--publishing. 

Who knows?

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