Thursday, May 3, 2018

May Short Story Challenge

Okay. So I did it. I actually started writing again and decided that a cool way to break in was to write short stories. Then I wanted to add another element into this return to writing. Inspired by the writing challenges of Dean Wesley Smith, I thought I would write a story a day in May or at least a story for each day in May in case I miss a day. So, bottom line, I need to write 31 short stories by the end of this month.

I'm writing this on May 3rd. I've already started the challenge and I will continue to update on my progress as the rest of the month proceeds.

I will note the name of the story, the approximate word count, and the total fiction word count for the month.

That's about it. Wish me luck. Feel free to join me in this little experiment.


Day 1: The Fire... 1,352 words... Monthly total... 1,352 words
Day 2: (did not write)... 00 words... Monthly total... 1,352 words

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