Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I'm Still Here

The title says it, honestly. 

I've taken some hits in the last few months, but I'm still here. I'm grieving for my father and doing what I can to care for my mother. My personal life is still not the best but my boys are still a bright spot. The work I've been trying to come back to offer the hope for new chapters in the future of my life. I've been playing catch up and am still in that process. 

This is probably something like an update since I've not posted anything since February. I have a magazine running late, I've not written fiction since January, and I'm working through the projects pending at Founders House so progress is slowly being made.

What else?

Well, I'll admit I'm still trying to go full-time with the writing and publishing. That's the only thing I want to be doing at this point. Yes, some book design work here and there would also help pad the bottom line so I'll be looking for that too. 

I've thought about offering freelance writing and editing services as a means to step away from my current nighttime job so I can at least technically be 'all in.' But, other than one project I'm wrapping, I haven't figured out the best way to promote that venture.

Otherwise, I'd rather be the publisher and editor at Founders House Publishing and the Editor of MYTHIC. It's a means to an end. 

I've had other ideas about how to make enough to live on so I'm not just scraping by, but nothing solid. Really, this whole post is just me wanting to reconnect with the blog I've for ten years but which has never been a consistent tool. That, too, is another thing I've thought about.

Oh, well, the thoughts keep coming. We'll see what materializes.

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