Sunday, December 15, 2013

Update: Killer Of Dragons, Future Books, and Publishing Aims

Well, I wrote a few posts here about my involvement in NaNoWriMo and how I made good progress on a book but ended up not crossing that finish line again. I am here again to report that as of today I finished Killer Of Dragons. The book ended up as a novella, albeit a longer one. I'm happy with the ending and I am now looking at what to write next. The next phases are proofreading and editing. I have work piling up in that category and hope to get everything in line for a series of 2014 releases. My publishing company has sat idle this year and I am more than ready to end that trend for good.

Although I've started looking at possible plans for future writing, I don't know what book will come next. I have a few sequels in mind for books that I have out. This doesn't mean I'll start them right away only that I will have one or more of them done this year. Whatever plans I have must be fluid enough to work with my process as a storyteller.

I've put titles I have for books in a tentative writing/publishing list. That is a good first step for me, an outline for going forward. I've thought about doing it for the next couple of years or so just so I can have a bit of forward thinking without over-committing.

As far as completed projects are concerned, I have several waiting in the wings as well as some WIPs that I may or may not complete. All of these efforts are done in the name of organization. I'm pretty bad about organization. I want to get better but, well, you know, it takes time.

I'll be updating here with some of the projects developments and hopefully coming back with some other writings as well. I haven't done a "Dear Writer" column in a while.

Thanks for checking in folks.

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