Sunday, December 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013: Final Update

Despite my best efforts to cross that finish line, I did not complete 50K words on my novel Killer Of Dragons. My final word count was 32, 367 words. National Novel Writing Month is officially over. The next step for me is to continue working on this novel until it is complete.

I made some good strides this month even with life's familiar complications. I progressed farther on this book during November than any of the others. Though I have not done it yet, I believe that I will be able to write a novel in a month's time. There are tweaks to be made and flexibility is key to fitting in the right amount of writing into each day.

Writing every day is essential in this work. Each 1,667-word day matters. They add up and if you miss one they can quickly pile up to unrealistic levels. That is the main lesson for me this time. Do my very best to meet that minimal word count and I should have zero trouble getting to 50,000 words every month.

I am aware that not every novel fits neatly in to 50k. Some of them will be longer and that's fine. You just take the time necessary to get to the ending. Then the work of proofreading and checking the book takes over. That might spill over into the following month. That's also fine unless you're crazy enough to think you can write a novel every month. You might have to write more than seven pages a day.

Eight pages a day puts you a 2K words. That means you could do 60K in 30 days. Very nice.

Ten pages a day puts you at 2.5K words. That means you could do 75K in 30 days. Also nice.

If you want a fatter novel, say 90K, then you'd just have to write 3K words in 30 days. That's just twelve pages!

That's just a little math to put things into perspective.

I'm glad I participated in NaNoWriMo this year. I'll do it next year. With any luck, I will keep writing books in the meantime. Thanks for following along, folks. Later.

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