Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few Adjustments

I've been considering a few things lately as I've been trying to get a new book into print. It's taken my focus off writing a bit. I've gotten behind on Free Fiction Friday and I am also trying to assess what it is I'm doing in the next few months. I have one book nearly read for publication, with two more directly in the pipeline.

When it comes to my short stories, I wanted to give other markets a shot. So, rather than writing then putting them  up here, I am going to write the stories, then put up a note here when I've made progress on the completion of said stories. Then, once I've given them a proofread, I will be sending them to traditional short fiction markets.  Now, at the same time, I will be putting stories up from time to time so Free Fiction Friday won't be an every week kind of thing. I will be noting stories upon completion because I am counting them towards the tally on my 50-story challenge for this year. 

With that last point in mind, I finished Challenge Story #12, Death To The Messenger. I won't be putting it up. I plan to send it to a market.  Big point to keep in mind: This pendulum may swing back the other direction.

What else am I doing besides putting books together for print? Well, I am still going to focus on writing longer fiction in the form of novellas and novels. Wish me luck, folks. I still want to have a productive year. 

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