Friday, March 30, 2012

A Pause In Our Regular Programming

Well, in case you haven't noticed, I didn't to have a free story up for Free Fiction Friday. I'm sorry to the regular readers. I promise a return to the regularly scheduled programming next week. My time has been largely taken up with the process preparing a book for publication. In fact, there are two books currently in the process. The first one, you may already know, is Kicking The Odds, a book written with and about Brett Sheldon. The other book, not mentioned much lately, is my first fantasy novel - in fact, the first book I started writing period. After ten years of stops and starts, this book, Cries Of The Faithless, will see the light of day.

Soon, I will have a final cover for the former book and I will also get to unveil the cover for my fantasy,  a great piece of art by newer artist named Paul Pederson. I am looking forward to the releases of both books. I would also add that another book,  A Generation's Journey, is also in the pipeline so don't be surprised if I announce the upcoming release of this third book in the next few months.

I am excited about all of the prospects in terms of completed books that will see publication sooner rather than later.

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