Thursday, January 19, 2012

J.A. Konrath's Take On Author Publicity

Not everybody knows J.A. Konrath. I sort of realize that again. Much of the information I get these days is about the publishing industry from the inside, the sort of info that only writers care about in most cases. By and large, the readers don't track this kind of stuff. Anyway, Konrath is a bit of celebrity author in some small circles. As he says himself, he's gained some notoriety because of his advocacy of indie publishing. He's the guy who just lately sold $140,000 in ebooks on Amazon in the last thirty days...he's been a big seller for a while. But, you've probably never heard of him.

In his post about publicity, I found that he echoed the sentiments expressed by Dean Wesley Smith and other long-term writers. In the realm of book sales, promotion and publicity do not typically increase the amount sold.

I'll let you read for yourself. Here's the link: The Value Of Publicity

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