Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Writing Is Hard

It can be pretty difficult to sit down here and type sometimes. There are all sorts of other things you could be doing rather than planting your behind in a chair and picking away at a keyboard. There are movies, television, games, and more to provide you with mindless distractions. People, those valuable friends and family, are there to be enjoyed.

It does not matter what sort of writing you are doing or what the stakes are: you are facing the fact - again - that writing is hard. For freelancers and authors alike, it is a tough and demanding work that strains your mental faculties. I'm not going to apologize saying it.

For those who are still reading my little monthly missives, I have been largely silent about such daily matters. I've come to the post with the intention of writing a meatier article but ended up leaving just a few bits of news behind. That can be kind of frustrating itself.

As my previous entries have related, I am working on projects. They are pretty serious deals and I know that given time I will reap some benefits from them, in terms, of experience, knowledge, and compensation. Yet, writing is hard. I am keeping after it, to be sure, but I just wanted to pause here and say it again.

Writing is work but it can be more than that if you really care about it and manage to retail the essence of what drove you to it in the first place. That is what I'm in the process of focusing on again as I really look at the work I'm doing and also coming back to this website to give it some attention.

I've started my new focus but redoing the layout of ShaunKilgore.com. I'm taking other steps too, but I just want to take it slower this time. If you have any comments I'd appreciate them. I hope to offer stronger posts in the near term. I'll catch you later.

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