Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recognizing Career Momentum: One Writer's Experience

I've been lucky and maybe blessed to have had the opportunities I have to pursue this whole writer experiment. That is the way I viewed it many times over the last few years, a experiment that had a limited time span before I would have to return to the normal hustle and bustle world. At certain points, I thought it would be better to get off this ride and let somebody else have a turn.

Writing is tough when you're doing it as a business. There are things you have to do to keep moving forward. You have a limited number of chances to make (and keep) a good reputation. You might be forgiven for earlier screw-ups or even occasional ones now but it isn't the preferred way to go about things.

Having been on this course for over five years officially and more like ten unofficially, I recognize that I am well down the way and I honestly don't want to go down another road. I've accomplished a few things on this little path as a writer. I've managed to keep work coming despite some serious dry spells that made me think about quitting and finding another job.

Through the vehicle of my small publishing imprint I've broken new ground and gotten the sort of attention that any writer would like. I have had the chance to be a published author. Co-authoring Heaven's Point Guard was a privilege that is sown some valuable seeds that have began to yield some excellent crops. I'm currently working on a second book, the one I mentioned last month. My work has spread slowly through my local area and I'm getting responses. Currently, I am in the initial stages of what could be my most ambitious and high profile book to date. It could propel me much further into the public eye.

The story is powerful and inspirational and I hope to share with many more people. As it stands, I've started gaining momentum. Two book project offers have floated in, at least in a very general sense. I am looking to pursue them to see what potential they might have. I'm doing my best to seize this momentum and run with it. I don't want it to fizzle out. I want to be the author of many more published books.

I know understand better what others have said about when you have something out there already it tends to attract more opportunities. I believe that more now. I'm experiencing it personally. This means that I must raise my game and my performance to account for this higher stakes arena. Wish me luck friends for I will surely need more of it.

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