Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paper Books, The Gutenberg Girls, And Writing in 2011

First, I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I enjoyed some downtime with my family and friends. Now that it is 2011, it is time to buckle down and get to work. I am sure that many of you have taken time to sit down and write out some resolutions for the new year. It's common enough. Even I have taken a little time to compile some preliminary goals that I would like to accomplish during the course of this coming year. I am all for fresh starts.

Clearly if you're a working writer like me one of the big goals is to find work, find better work, or find more work. For those getting started in the writing profession or who have taken it up as a hobby may have more modest goals like writing their first article or short story. On the other hand, maybe you want to write your first book. To all of the fledgling writers, I wish you the best of luck with whatever you want to do in 2011.

Paper Books

I wanted to share something humorous for today's post. It's an article written by the Gutenberg Girls. They're a couple of book lovers (and book makers). Here's a post I found while browsing GalleyCat. It's called How to Operate the New Paper Book You Received for Christmas. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek I know but I suppose I get on board with it because I love print books too. Just not sure about all of the e-reader craze. This doesn't mean I can ignore it as a publisher though. Oh, the strange dichotomies I must nurture. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Along with that post, the GalleyCat article also included this wonderful little video. Check it out. Keep in mind it has subtitles.


I am planning some great posts for I am working on interviews with authors, additional tips and reviews for the new writers among my readers, and some of the personal projects I'm developing for 2011. I hope you have plans too this year. If you don't why now sit down now and hash a few out. Get the ideas flows, my friends. I wish you luck...and keep writing.

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