Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes...A Book Designer Too!

While I didn't mention it in detail last time, I wanted to tell  you about my Book Design services. Now, you can find a link to a page that outlines my terms to provide book design and text layout services. At this point, I'm fairly new to the game of design, but I can say that I've designed three books - including the first one published by my company, Founders House. I'm in the process of working on the next one. I've completed a few mock-ups for different clients, but haven't sold many designs yet.

The other two books I designed inside and out were for publication at I've found that this was a good starting point for something that I love doing. (With Echoes From The Past, I was able to create a good design and fine layout that was then uploaded to Lightning Source's system so I can prepare files that way too.) That's also why I've decided to let all of you know it is there too. Perhaps, one of you knows someone who is looking for someone to layout their books. 

Now, you might be thinking that offering this type of service for those not interested in publication through Founders House seems a bit foolish. I disagree. Naturally, the more covers I can create, the more experience I gain. Cover design is a chance to stretch very atrophied creative/artistic skills and see what can truly be done with them. Typesetting is just a way to showcase my appreciate for the printed word in another way - by helping other authors get their books in print. 

I also know that some authors have chosen the route of self-publishing or have already made publishing arrangements with some other small press. I don't hold that against them. By helping them get published by providing a well-crafted book cover, I make a connection that could lead to future work - even another book that I can publish. 

Basically, I'm writing to say that I'm open for business. Please if you know someone who wants a book designed, let me know. (As I noted on the Book Design page, I will be adding pictures of layouts as they become available so you get to see some samples.)

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