Friday, July 16, 2010

Writing And Design Services

While I've been trying to put this together for some time now, today I finally took the first step and created a dedicated page to  display what the Services I have to offer as as freelance writer and a book designer. On this page I have listed my standard payment terms and layout my rates as well. I can provide other information as needed, but I hope it will be enough of a start for a few clients. Anyone who might be interested in retaining my services whether as a ghostwriter or to help them get their books published via POD sources, I am ready and willing to take assignments. Those parties interested can contact me via the site's contact form.

Lead Up

Up until the last few months I did have a couple of steady sources for freelancing work. I admit I had fallen into a bit of rut, but I did manage to get out of it by taking on a book writing project (one that is still ongoing and which will offer me more publishing experience as well). I think this book has been a freeing and growing experience. This is especially true when  I consider that it has left me out in the open with no projects to speak of and no way to make ends meet until I can contract some new work.

I'm back to bidding on work and calling in favors where I can. It is the opportunity to make new connections and take on a slew of new projects - provided I can first take care of business for this coming month's budget. That's the sticking point really. If I can locate new client bases it will be a great day. I'll be able to move on and make money at this even while I'm developing Founders House projects in the background. (Books I publish are more long-term pay-offs if I can discover the right sort of authors and help them achieve their publication goals. Then I'll have the means to make money that way.)

Back To Square One: Time To Look Around

Yet, here I am. I'm back to square one. If anything I'm a writer. That's why I'm here. If you take away anything else I have in the works, all I have is this independent writing business that I started back in 2006. It's been my own escape from the 9 to 5 and I am sure glad I have it. It's continued viability is entirely dependent on my ability to redefine what it is that I'm doing. I have to be pretty darn flexible to make all of this pan out.

My current predicament puts me a little over two weeks to meet a pretty serious financial deadline. I am still hopeful that I can miraculously come up with the currency I need to pay the big bill and keep everybody happy in the household (myself included). That's important. Security is important. Even though I know that I am not the primary income in my family, I do have a crucial role to play in how things work. When I don't make the cut, problems arise.

Thinking Positive

Right now, I'm searching for work. I'm continuing to move forward. If you find yourself in the same boat as me then you may have a  better perspective on the whole deal. I known that in order to keep moving, I need to stay focused on the positive. I have to believe that it will work out and I will find gigs. As I've said in one form or another, this business is not for the weak-hearted.

If anyone knows somebody who needs a bit of freelance work done, whether it be ghostwriting, promotional work, articles, web content, or whatever, let me know. Thanks for reading. I'll keep you posted.

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