Monday, March 1, 2010

Six Reasons Why I Love Writing

This is one of those introspective posts that managed to find its way on this page. I'm sitting here, fingers poised over the keyboard, trying to think about what to write. Even though this was a day for a post, I didn't have one. I've sort of been under the weather since yesterday and still kind of struggling to get a project done. Yet, I wanted to write something for you. I hope this post finds all of you well and perhaps gives you some reasons to look again at your motivations for writing (or not writing if that is the case).

I've titled this post with six reasons, but I'm sure there are many that I could call up if given enough time to think about it. I'm limiting it to six just to give all of you a jumping off point to share your reasons and motivations. I would seriously welcome your comments about what you love writing. Without any further ado, I present my six reasons why I love writing.

Reasons Numbered Six

1. The sheer enjoyment of putting words together well. This is certainly not a unique reason. Almost every writer can say this at least some of the time. Now, of course, it isn't so easy when you've been slogging away writing on a series of freelance topics you have very little interest in. But, if you are making strides towards doing the sort of writing that taps into your passions as a creative person, then there is nothing better. Of course, opinions may vary. I'd love to hear yours.

2. The lifestyle I have as a writer. I'm living outside of the typical 9 to  5 work environment. Granted, I am not the most well-paid writer. I'm still doing this part-time while I take care of my kids (and notably start a fledgling book publishing company). Still, the trappings of the freelance writer still apply. I don't have to make a commute. I don't have to deal with the office politics. I set my own hours. And, of course, my success or failure is entirely dependent on me and my goals as a writer,.

3. I like saying that I'm a writer. There's a little of that prestige still attached to be a "writer" in the minds of some people. Most of the time, when I say I freelance write from home, I get a lot of  "Cool, that's great man. Wish I could do something like that." Of course, I respond by saying, "What's stopping you? You can write can't you. There's no reason why you can't take a crack at it."

4. I don't have to stick with one type of writing. As a freelance writer, you don't have to worry so much about getting stuck in a stagnant job doing the same thing day in, day out. The subject matter changes with the projects and the clients. You can always search for projects that interest you rather than sticking with what's left over. You have a lot more choice about what you do with your career.

5. It's the perfect compliment to my love for reading. Ah, it's all about the words folks! I love words. I have the privilege of stringing words together and getting paid for it. I can read a story or an article and get an idea totally new (but related) and turn it into a brand new article. Others get the opportunity to read what I've written. That affords a certain ego-boost even for someone with a fear of success like myself.

6. Like number five, I would say that I love writing because I'm getting the opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas, and talent with others. You may be a writer who needs a bit of a reminder of why you do what you do. Then again, you may have never seriously considered the writer's path before now. If the former, then just sit down and write out some of your personal reasons. Share them with me. I'd love to read them. If the latter, then just give it a shot; start writing and then see what happens.


I'm glad I got to share that with you. I hope you feel the same way. Writing is a privilege folks. At it's best, the written word is one of those amazing creative acts. A good story, a gripping drama of life, or a tool to get other things done: writing is all of this and more. Catch you later.

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