Saturday, February 13, 2010

Publishing: The Excitement Of A New Business

I decided to write a post today since I'm excited about the prospects of my new business. Since establishing Founders House Publishing, I've been working on lots of behind-the-scenes tasks that have finally led to the release of our first book. With its release to the public, we can begin the task of promotion and sales. There is definitely an edge of excitement floating around the household. I've been discussing marketing strategies and new angles for getting the word out about this book. We've had a few sales already directly from our website. More books will be sold by my father (the author) in the coming weeks.

Today, we were all gathered together to celebrate my older son's third birthday. It was fun to sit there and watch his excitement build as he opened his presents and he got to show off his new cars to everyone around the table.

Afterwards, while he and my other children were playing, we sat around and discussed the latest sales ideas.  My father already has plenty of buzz going about his book so we want to build off that momentum. Echoes From The Past is filled with my father's experiences with the many relatives and friends he has made on his journey to find out more about his roots. It's a tale that I've heard countless times before. It is also one I have experienced first-hand.

I find that those childhood experiences have left an impression on my life that I carry with me today. His story is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It's what any genealogist or history buff would love. I think he is happiest because this book provides a record of his efforts to promote and preserve the heritage of my family not only for me but for my children and those who will come after us.

It's one of those stories filled with fascinating twists of fate and incredible luck. I'm grateful to have be a part of it myself, and I am also glad for the opportunity to publish this book myself.

Founders House Publishing is a dream of mine. I've have long wanted the chance to publish...well...anything. The idea of creating books from the author's conception to a finished product is one that excites me. It's my chance to share the treasured thoughts, ideas, lessons, and stories of people with world of readers who just want quality and value.

I hope you will stick around and follow me on this journey. It's something that is transforming the way I write and think about writing. Thanks for reading.

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